Bootmgr is missing, no o/s found when using neosmart download


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Hi to all

Sorry if I am repeating any previous threads, I am fairly new to the whole 'thread' environment.

I am having difficulties recovering my HP pavillion dv9000.

Last week when I switched on my laptop I received a message saying bootmgr is missing.

I downloaded the neosmart file, burnt it to disc, and all seemed well when it loaded up.

BUT, when I click on 'repair my computer' it cannot find an o/s.

I have seen other threads that mention this might not matter, and to fix startup problems anyway, three or four times, as there may be more than one problem.

Well I have tried this, about 8 or 9 times, and I am still getting the same message.

I am hoping someone might be able to direct me in the right direction.

Any help is appreciated.




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I'm now in the partion wizard home edition v4.1 but not sure what I need to do next.

Disk 1 shows

Partition *os, File system NTFS, Capacity 143.79GB, Used 90.14MB, Unused 143.71GB
Partition *HP_Recovery, File system NTFS, Capacity 5.25GB, Used 769.47MB, Unused 4.5GB

Disk2 shows

Partition *data, File system NTFS, Capacity 149.05GB, Used 498.28MB, Unused 148.56MB

Your help is appreciated.



Rt click the OS partition and mark it Active ( if it isn't already). Click Apply.

The other thing you could try is to RT clisk on Disk 1 and select Rebuild MBR. Click Apply.

PW - REBUILD-MBR-2009-09-27_164452.jpg
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I have done as suggested but it doesn't appear to have improved my situation.

I am still having the same problems as before.


Try marking the HP recovery partition Active. Restart - that should trigger the HP recovery program.

I am not sure what options it has - maybe similar repair options to those on your rec disc - plus restore to factory settings - that would wipe your data, though.

There may be an option to restore the o/s and save your data.

I don't have an HP machine - you will need to look at the options it offers.

Looks like you might be able to get to it by pressing F11( If that doesn't work - try setting it active as above)

How to Boot an HP Recovery Partition |

according to this, it prompts you to back up your files :
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If you are horrified at that idea, try this:

d/l the attached .zip - extract it and copy the bootsect.exe ( not the folder) onto a cd.

View attachment

Boot recovery disc , when it can't find the o/s , click next and select the Command prompt.

Type the following:


Diskpart>LIS VOL

(make a note of the dvd drive letter and the drive letter of your o/s partition - I have assumed it is C in the example below - if not, use the correct letter)


( remove Vista recovery disc - put cd with bootsect on it in the drive)


X:\sources>dvddriveletter:\bootsect.exe /nt60 C: /mbr
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