"Bootmgr is missing, no os found"


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I've just bought a new HP Presario CQ laptop. I had some problems with the computer freezing and stuff, so I decided to restore the system to factory default through Hp's recovery manager software. But when I startet the process I got an "error 1002. please contact HP" and when I restarted the computer from there I got the message "bootmgr is missing"

I have a windows vista recovery CD. In the start of the recovery through CD, it cant find my os, there isn't an os to selecet. I've tried to manually install SATA drivers through the "load drivers" button without any luck. And the automatic repair function doesn't work: "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically" I've also tried run it manually from Command prumpt and it doesn't work either.

I've also run chkdsk, and my harddrive seems fine.

Anyone out there who know how to handle this issue?
If you have a second HDD in the laptop, try ejecting it before trying the startup repair.
If not, try "next" even though there's no OS to select. Sometimes it will complete the first stage of the repair and your Os will reappear for the second and third repairs ( you need to do several because it only does one thing per pass and several things might need fixing.)