bootmgr is missing on Vista is back!


Hi There,Saviours from NeoSmart!

I'm a Vista Home Premium English version user, working on a HP Pavillon laptop model dv9500.

After 6 months without considerable issues,I had to restore from the D partition created on my HD at the moment of the very first installation of my OS.
Obviously and like many others,I had no dvd-cd to restore the system.

Then it came the worldwide famous message Bootmgr is missing and,following the indications on these forums,I went on and downloaded the Window Vista recovery disc.iso from the link provided here,using uTorrent.

I then burned the three file folders,repectevely called Boot (3.27mb), Sources (144mb) and finally Bootmgr (325kb) unto a blank cd,using Cd Burner Xp pro version 3.0.116 english.

What Happened?

first,Cd Burner XP allows you to burn .iso images into .iso1 and .iso2 formats,so here's my first question:

which .iso format to choose?

second: i tried to burn choosing .iso1 and setting first on non-bootable cd,then on bootable.
with the first cd i burned,i couldn't boot at all form my pc and i only got a cursor on top left of a black screen.
with the second cd i previously burned (disc set to bootable),system recovery seemed to start,then on the same black screen as ususal i saw this new,blowing message: CANNOT LOAD DOS!
any key to retry.

obviously,no way.
I am now downloading the .so file ex-novo,and will try with both non-bootable and bootable burn settings through .iso2 format.

Any advice-tips-prayers for me?

thanks for your patience.

yes,i finally succeded in burning the .iso via imgburn,following the instructions.

finally,i could boot from the cd and this is what happenede:

Windows could read the files,then the system kept on loading to startup,but finally it resulted in a dark,black screen...

any tips?

i'm afraid the HD is involved,and the hp repair centre did not call me back at all either..
Andrea, you're not trying to enter setup to reinstall your system are you ?
The recovery disk contains no Vista installation files, just the recovery environment to enable you to select "repair" to fix the windows bootloader, or system restore to go back to one of your system's recovery points.
no,i just ran the system recovery,and that was the only option allowed.

anyway,i finally got in touch with HP,and tomorrow they'll send a dhl courier at my place to pick up the laptop to the repair centre.

i'll let you know how it ends..

croos fingers for me,for i need it!:smile:
Backup your data before hand if you can... they'll prob. reformat it.

If you pefer to use CDBurnerXP to burn .iso files to disc in the future, the standard .iso 9660 format (selcted by default) is fine.

Insert Disc ---> Open CDBurnerXP ---> Create DVD/CD Data Disc ---> File menu ---> Burn disc from .ISO file

Accept the defaults and start burning it and it should burn it as it is supposed to. I'd also load the disc before starting CDBurnerXP to avoid any sort of errors that you may recieve.
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