Bootmgr is missing ->Purchased Windows 7 Recovery Disc -> Need a little hand holding

Hi Everyone,

I am brand new to this site out. I am trying to fix my HP G71 and need my hand held to fix the Bootmgr is missing message. I purchased the Windowns 7 32-bit Recovery disc.

I tried Option 1 Automated Repair. It failed. It told me that the root casue was boot manager is missing or corrupt (Error code 0 x 15). I tried Option 2 and got stuck on the attrib -h -s C:\boot\BCD command. The response was Path not found. Since the directions stated that my boot drive could be different from C:, I started to look around my pc for another drive. When I go to the command prompt, my PC sends me to X:\Windows\System32\. It even labels it as Boot (X:smile:. So I substituted X:\ into C:\ in the attrib command above and get get the Path not found error message again. I do not know what to do at this point. To be honest I need very simple instructions. I apologize for not knowing a lot about what I am doing. Any help is GREATLY APPRIECIATED!!