Bootmgr is missing, system won't boot


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I know this is a two-month old thread, but it doesnt appear this problem was resolved... and I have it too.

I am running vista 64 bit ONLY (fresh install)
I have 2 hard drives, 1 with 2 partitions. Vista is installed on 1 of the partitions.

I had 'bootmgr is missing', attempted Microsofts fixes (didnt work...) so i tried easyBCD. That got me the exact error messege "The Windows Boot Configuration Data File is missing required information", and no fix i can find will get rid of the problem. I tried running 'Reinstall the vista bootloader' first (which is what got me to 'the BCD is missing info' error)...then i tried the Diagnostics Center "Recreate missing/ deleted boot files," and that didnt work either..neither did "reset BCD storage'...

am i using the program incorrectly? I believe i followed the tutorial/instructions correctly...

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I would also like to note that I can in fact boot with the DVD, so if it is something i am supposed to do from in windows, its ok...
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Ok, don't know where the orginal poster's post and others replies went, but hi to both of you.

Have you guys tried startup repair with a vista dvd/recovery disc from our website using the instructions provided here?

Is this one of the threads you accidently got posts from Terry?
This thread is a mystery on several levels.
1) The 1st post says it's resurrecting an earlier thread, but it's a new thread.
2) The thread was opened 6 weeks ago and never got a response ! (I've never seen anything get older than about 6 hours before getting some kind of reply)
3) The poster never returned, not even to complain about the lack of response.

So Hi Flashfire, are you still out there ? and Hi achmon, welcome to NST.
The link you gave is a very abbreviated form of the same advice available on the link that Justin provided.
If this happens repeatedly, you need to find the source of the problem, not fix the symptom.
Something is corrupting your boot process repeatedly.
My first concern would be to check very carefully for Malware that has infected the PC.
Secondly, you could have a physical problem with the HDD having a bad block in the boot sector, so that the repair needs to be done regularly.
Try booting the recovery disk, but before doing the auto "startup repair", go into the recovery console and issue a chkdsk /f command to see if it can find and fix bad blocks before you do the repair.