BOOTMGR is missing - Windows 7 64-bit


The reason I ask is I'm wondering if I should just make the C: drive (Win7) the active drive and somehow get the boot files there? Is that possible?

As I mentioned in my first post, I really don't need the D: (XP) partition anymore, so I could blow it away. I just didn't want to do that right off the bat since it looks like that's my active drive and where all the boot files are located.


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EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
BCD Install/Repair
Change Boot Drive
Point it to the W7 partition when asked.


Thanks Terry. I gave up on trying to repair my situation and followed your steps above. Worked fine. I'm now booting off the C: partition, and I deleted the D: drive completely. So, I'm back to a stable system again. I appreciate all the help and suggestions and I hope others on the board find this thread useful in their efforts.