bootmgr is missing


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I know someone posted a thread just like this one, but my problem is a little different, and I cannot seem to get it fixed. First, here are my specs:

AMD 6000 processor
3 gigs PC6400 memory
320 GB hard drive
Windows Vista (Which I don't particularly care for)

I decided to reformat Vista because I had been having multiple errors with data execution and com surrogate that I couldn't seem to fix. I reformatted today and after I restarted the computer after installation, it said "boot mgr is missing". I am, however, able to boot off of the Vista DVD. I reformatted three more times with the same error each time. First, I attempted to repair it off the Vista DVD but it only reads my external hard drive for some reason. I then tried the command prompt repair that is descriped in "Recovering the Vista Bootloader from the DVD" and it still did the same thing. Then I downloaded "Recovering Vista bootloader with EasyBCD", and I ran the diagnostic tools. Now the boot mgr error is gone, but it says:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be to cause

File: \boot\bcd
Status: 0x0000034
Info: The windows boot configuration data file is missing required information.

Any ideas?