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I bought a 2nd hand Compaq desktop from a guy and the windows program needed a new product key code which I did not have. Fast forward 1yr. I purchased a brand new ACER desktop computer which of course did not come with any disks. I cloned my copy of windows vista and tried to change the old computers windows xp to vista now I am getting a BOOTMGR is missing press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart which loops over and over. I tried the HP online help but I was told that the computer that I have was made for a buisness not home use but I was able to use the computer like a home PC untill the it needed a product key. it would not even let me log on until I got one so as I said I tried to install Windows Vista and now the PC won't do anything the disk I cloned downloaded fine and verified but the Compaq is saying missing or corrupt. what do I do?:scared:
Hi Nana, welcome to NST.
Even if you fixed your bootmgr problem, the clone of Vista will not work on your old PC.
The Vista was validated on your PC by ACER, and it will have an OEM code (you should see on a sticker on the case somewhere) which ties it for all time to the specific hardware on your ACER.
Microsoft will not validate it to run on another computer even if you take it off the ACER completely, and running a second copy would be in violation of your license anyway. (Only allowed on a single PC).
Somewhere on your Compaq should be a sticker with a MS serial number (or get it from the guy who sold you the PC).
With that serial number you can install a fresh copy of XP on the Compaq if you borrow an installation CD from someone.
That's your only legal option which doesn't involve going out and buying a new licensed copy of Windows.
(If it's an old Compaq, the hardware might not be capable of running Vista. Check the minimum requirements on the MS web site)
We are unable to help you in any way to do something in violation of the Microsoft EULA.
Startup repair should get it booting if the hardware isn't significally different (but I'm sure it is)...
Second this old Compaq computer probably can't run Vista worth *** anyway so you're best at keeping XP on there so start looking for that sticky on the computer and use an XP disc if you got one or a trial and upgrade it to full.

The home versions are how much these days? 200 or less I believe... So no, that's as much support as we can provide to you.
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