bootmgr is missing


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I have an HP notebook running Windows 7. When starting-up the computer, I receive the bootmgr is missing error message. I've downloaded the Windows 7 Recovery Disk (64 bit version).

I've burned the recovery iso disk, and the disk boots in the notebook fine.

Running through the steps on the NeoSmart Technologies website...I get to the window where I can select the language and keyboard type. After doing so, the recovery CD scans for an operating system but does not find Windows. It says if the operating system is not found to provide driver information.

What do I need to do at this step?

I read another post on this site that if the recovery disk does not find the operating system the hard drive must have an error or be corrupted. I've run the disk diagnostic tests and presumably the hard drive is ok.


HP is sending me a recovery disk that I'm told will reinstate the system to be as it was when new - losing any files I've added. At the very least, I have digital photos and videos on the hard drive that I'm hoping to save.

Hoping someone can help with a solution.

Firstly rescue your personal data like this
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek
then play around with fixing the boot before you finally resort to factory reset.
You imply in your post that there is only one HDD. If that is not so, remove any other(s) before trying the startup repair.
If it is so, then check which partition is set active. On systems prior to W7 that should normally have been the OS partition (your C disk), but W7 normally puts the boot files in an unlettered partition called "System Reserved", which HP will probably have incorporated into their own recovery partition.