bootmgr is missing

Hello, I joined after seeing a thread detailing how to fix this problem, but was unsuccessful for me. I am hoping for help if possible.

I have a toshiba laptop running on windows 7 that hss the "bootmgr is missing" problem and the only spare computer I have is a netbook, so obviously I can't make a repair disk, I need to use the usb way.

The thread i found was How to make a windows 7 or Windows Vista USB Recovery Stick (thumb drive) and i've downloaded everything, I just need to know how to do it with a usb stick only. any help appreciated:smile:
Hello again, I was able to create a repair disk and all was fine until I got to command prompt and when typing in "bootrec/fixboot" i got "the volume does not contain a recognized file system"

Any help appreciated


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Sounds like the Partition Table in the MBR has been corrupted.
You could try Testdisk and see if it can locate and identify your partitions