BOOTMGR missing after windows 7 reformat


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Hi all,

2 days ago I upgraded to Windows 7 from xp by doing a custom install. I was having problems with xp anyway as it kept crashing. I thought it was best time to upgrade to 7. After installing 7 it worked fine, until yesterday when I was installing COD MW2. It kept restarting and hanging so I decided to reformat the HD as this wasnt done before installing 7. I managed to do this fine from the command prompt and then inserted the Windows 7 dvd (x64). I selected it to boot from DVD drive in the boot menu and after the black screen which says "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" it just says BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.
It seems to have disabled the keyboard after selecting the boot drive as all I can do is press reset. I cannot boot from dvd at all. This is the fix I have read in many forums.

Can anyone please help!?


Model ASRock ConRoe1333 - D667
Operating SystemWIndows 7 Ultimate (currently uninstalled)
CPU Type Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.39G
Memory Size 2GB DDR2
Hard Disk
250GB SATA 5400RPM
Optical Drive Pinoneer DVD RW
Graphics Card
ATI Sapphire 1650X Pro

Do you have a USB keyboard ?
Try using a PS2 adapter (or an old PS2 keyboard) if it's not allowing you to "press any key"
Have you confirmed that your hard drive is functioning properly? If you started to experiencing slow performance and "hang ups" you could be experiencing some hardware issues as well.
Is there an alternate HD you can use for testing purposes? Also, when you see the screen that tells you to "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" do you press any key so you can proceed with the installation or is the computer attempting to restart into the Windows 7 installation?
Also, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to also check the threads available there for additional assistance and feedback.
Microsoft Windows Client Team
I experienced this in the past, I was unable to press anything during the pre-boot stages with a USB keyboard after applying a particular Windows update... but this was for Windows Vista. Using a PS/2 adaptor allowed me to get into Vista and subsquent reboots were not affected by this.

Jessica, I think this is a leftover bug from the Vista days...