BOOTMGR MISSING Need some Help Cant find Partion to repair


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windows vista 32 bit OS IS MISSING
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Windows Vista 32 bit can find OS to startup repair!
Yesterday i tryed to reformate my computer and it came i error . i dont have any backup. i choose restart then it can BOOTMGR IS MISSING PRESS CTRL+ALT+DEL TO RESTART .

I downloaded windows recobery 32 (x68) something like that.

I booted that CD and it worked . I choosed repair my computer and i must choose OS . It scanned but i doesnt seems to find any Partion on the PC :/

if you look here all my part of the pc is on here HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop. Removing hard drive, memory, wireless card, keyboard. >> Inside my laptop

How can i fix this?

X: Boot has 31 mb of 33 mb
Local disc (C:/) has 223 gb free of 223 gb .
HP_recovery (D:/) has 4.85gb of 9.78 GB.

How can i fix it? it cant find any Partion to startup repair -.-

Mby the local disc is empty and i must get all drivers and the files back?

MY PC : HP pavillion dv9000
When windows vista start i press f11 and it comes blackscreen and it come Boot/BCD
Put windows install disc
restart the computer
and choose repair computer.

Any ideas?

i can get into the f11 .

i cant even acces my computer . just come to the blackscreen and turn off -.-
Did you hold down F11 immediately when you turned the PC power on ? (don't wait for Vista to attempt to start).

If that doesn't get you into HP recovery, did you create the HP recovery CDs when you first bought the PC ?
(4th section of the HP link I gave you)

If no is the answer to both questions.

Disconnect any extra HDD in your PC if you have any, leaving just the Vista HDD connected
Boot the recovery disc you downloaded from this site.
Select "repair my computer" and "repair startup" like you did before
Click on "next" even if it says it can't find a Vista to repair.
Repeat this 2 or 3 times
If a Vista system is found between these attempts, keep repeating till Vista boots again without the CD.
If the Vista system doesn't appear at any time.

Boot the recovery CD
Select "repair my computer" then "recovery console" and issue a chkdsk /f command
When it finishes (it might take some time) try the "repair startup" routine again.

If none of this works.
Contact HP to purchase a copy of the full recovery disks (the ones you should have made yourself when you first bought the PC)
Hi , thx for answer .
I dont got any hdd plugged in . as u see on the top of the link its 2 HDD ready build in the computer.
No i did not get any CD when i bought. it seems to not work.


But when i try bootsec /rebuildbcd and all other it come succesfully.


i tryed to use the ultimate boot cd and i try to boot with both HDD but dont work :frowning:
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The reason I said to disconnect the 2nd internal HDD (just temporarily), is because that's sometimes why the repair can't find Vista.
If there's only one HDD (the one with the broken Vista), the repair might locate the Vista system and be able to fix it.
Once Vista is located and the boot is repaired, you reconnect the 2nd HDD again.
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ok , but is it not any download i can download? like install vista agian? will it work 100% if i remove 2ND HDD ?


or cant i just disable HDD 2nd? is there any place i can download iso file so i can Install vista OS ?
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The recovery disks on this site contain no Vista installation files. They can only be used to fix a broken boot process, not reinstall Vista.
Try booting the recovery CD, then "repair my computer" then "repair startup", with the second HDD temporarily disconnected like I said in post 4.
If it works, - problem solved.
If your problem is more serious than a broken boot process, and you need to do a factory reset of the PC, and you didn't make recovery CDs when you first setup the system, you'll have to contact HP and ask them to provide you with a copy of their recovery disks.
They'll probably make a nominal charge, since you didn't make your own disks when you had the chance, but it will be cheaper than buying a new Vista DVD.
You could always borrow a Vista DVD from a friend, Install a clean copy using the serial number on your PC, not the serial number on the DVD.
That would be perfectly legal, but the system would not have any of the extras that HP bundled with Vista when your PC was new.
You'll need their recovery disks to put it back exactly as it was when you bought it.
There is no place to just download the Vista ISO for install. You would have to contact your PC manufacturer to get the media. Unless you went thru torrents. Which can be worse for you than getting it from the manufacturer.
If disconnecting the 2nd HDD does make Vista visible, and you do fix the boot with our CD.
As soon as the PC is working properly again.
Use F11, enter the HP recovery environment, and make yourself some bootable recovery disks !
ok , but my m8 got vista can i make recovery CD of his and then i use oin my`?


if i check here Windows: Downloads

mby i can download it fromm there?

I got the CD key under my pc will it work when i reinstall when i write in code?
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Yes, you'll get a nice clean legal copy of Vista if you use YOUR code and your friend owns a Microsoft version of Windows.
(but you won't get any of the extras that HP might have included on your PC)

(If he's got another make of PC, you CAN'T use his OEM recovery disk, only if it's exactly the same model of PC as yours)

You can't get a copy of Vista from the Windows download site, just the updates for it (like SP1)
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I got the product key under my PC . Do it work `? what is OEM?


cant i just disbale hdd 2 in bios? :/
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Disabling the 2nd HDD wont do anything. It wont resolve your issue.

Yes your serial is OEM.

Plus looking back it isnt a 2nd HDD. It is a partition of your main hard drive which shows as a 2nd hard drive. If you disabled it you would disabled your hard drive overall and not have one to be recognized to be fixed.
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer (That's HP for your PC)
You can't use the recovery disk from another OEM (like Dell for example)
No for the most part. Will need to go to your OEM's website type in your model and get the drivers you need that way.