bootmgr missing on my son's computer


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I get the bootmgr missing message on my son's computer. He has a Dell Inspiron 530, vista... and I have a Dell Dimension with windows XP. I cannot find OS on the repair list... and when trying to install vista windows from the software supplied by dell... it gets stuck, cancelling the intallation when it reaches "installing updates".

I tried saving the Recovery Vista 32 file on my system so I can burn it using both Imgburn and CDBurnerXP... but when saving the file it does not recognize the type of file.

Does it have anything to do with me trying to burn this file through my windows XP system and not Vista?

I also downloaded the Microsoft Net 3.5 deal to make sure the cd burner software works.

What am I doing wrong?

I think my teenage boy picked up some virus in a naughty site.:angry:
Hi Betty, welcome to NST.
Have you followed the instructions on how to download torrents.
Make sure you have folder options set like this or you might not be seeing the true filetype, especially if the ISO filetype has beem appropriated by some software app like WinRAR.
(you can also use Opera browser for the download. It's built-in download manager handles torrents natively)
The recovery disc you're downloading isn't any use if you've been provided a disc by Dell. If it can't find a system to repair in the list you can try the manual recovery steps.

If all else fails a re-installation can be achieved by deleting all the partitions on the drive under a custom installation, and than selecting the unallocated space as the target where Windows should be installed. You may want to use a linux live disc such as Ubuntu to rescue any important files to a flash drive or other removeable device before you begin though.