Bootmgr missing


I have been trying to install Vista Ultimate, with no luck so far.

When I try to boot from the DVD, I get a message that the BOOT.MGR is missing.

I have 1 SATA drive and 2 Optical Drives on IDE.

Am I missing something ? :wtf:
What's your current setup? Any other OS installed? What's on the drive ATM? What was there before?

(Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, btw!)
Running Windows XP Pro ATM.

The other posts say to use the disc to repair the problem, but I can't even get the initial install to run.
Do I need to copy a new boot.mgr file into the disc image and re-burn it?
Sounds like a bad MBR.

Boot from the XP CD, and enter the recovery console.
To get the MBR reset to original XP settings and try again?

Just for the record, it's bootmgr, no dot in the middle.
hi my computer is running on windows vista and it just shut down and when it started back up it just says that bootmgr is missing i was just wounderin how yo fix this