BOOTMGR not found


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I made an exceedingly stupid mistake last night! For some reason, I thought it was possible to replace NTLDR with the Vista bootloader using EasyBCD (on XP). I'd heard about the versatility of EasyBCD, but I didn't want to load Vista itself. :frowning: So, I copied the "Windows/boot" directory from a Vista installation and let EasyBCD do its thing.

Long story short, after rebooting I can't get into Windows to reverse the damage from within EasyBCD, and my Windows XP cd won't detect my hard drive so I can run fixboot at a recovery console. I'm lucky I have a Linux live-cd kicking around - if not, my laptop would be a paperweight. A BartPE disc is no help, either, because my hard drive isn't detected.

At first, I got an error msg about winload.exe, but now - after quite a bit of finagling - it's simply "BOOTMGR not found". Is this progress?

Anybody have any ideas? My NTLDR, etc. are all intact; I just need a way to get Windows to use the old boot-loader (preferably from within Linux) instead of the "new" one.

Thanks in advance! :scared: