bootmgr on an external USB drive


New Member
I have a dream of putting the Windows 7 and Vista discs all onto one portable hard drive, and having bootmgr give me a list of options when I boot from it, so I can choose what I want to install, to make future installations of any version of Windows convenient and all in one place.

I can see the BCD file on the Windows DVDs point to a specific directory on the DVD, and I'd like to take advantage of this to store several disc images on the same drive, the problem being editing the BCD on the external drive seems pretty impossible, I can open it using EasyBCD, but I can't edit it down to the level of what directory it boots from.

Is this possible? Or failing that is there an alternative to Microsoft's bootmgr that can still start up Windows installers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!