Bootmgr problem!


Hi, I'm a new boy and straight away I'll tell you I know very little about computers which is why I need your help...please be patient.

I have an Acer Aspire M7200 desktop PC, I bought it about 18 months ago. It came preloaded with everything including Vista Home Premium 64 Bit. There were no discs and I had to create Recovery Discs straight away (set of 3) which I did.

Lately the PC wasn't running too good so I decided to restore the hard drive using the recovery discs, I put the first one in but after completing 11% it stopped and after a few mins restarted itself but stopped again at 11% complete.

I searched the Internet and found advice on using 'alt & F10' at startup, all I got was Bootmgr is missing.

I found this site and followed advice for creating a Vista Repair disc, still the Bootmgr problem.

I followed the instructions for manually creating the boot loader including the Nuclear Holocaust instructions to the letter, still the missing Bootmgr.

One thing, where the instructions say 'change x: to the letter of your CD drive, it won't accept it (it's E but just in case I tried every other letter as well.

Your help would be gratefully appreciated.
Have you got your BIOS set to boot CD before HDD ?
If not, it might explain why your factory reset kept failing at the same point ( possibly, it needs to reboot the CD and instead finds itself trying to boot an incomplete HDD instead)
Acer Alt/F10 also needs a BIOS option set. From memory it's something like "enable D2D".
Hi Terry, thanks for replying. Yes I set the bios to boot from cd but I didn't know about the enable D2D, I'll have a look at that this morning.

Were you able to fix the problem by following Terry's advice? I think the first problem is the fact that you are using an Acer, but all joking aside I think that correction the order to have the CD boot first should get the job done, am I right Terry?