BootMgr, where are you...


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I've got Win7 Ult, and it has been good for years until this week. I have tried every solution with Bootrec and EasyBCD (even the purchased program) and even reinstalled C drive from a back up--no go.

HOWEVER, the weird thing is if I do a repair with WIN7 install/repair disk, and then reboot but leave the disk in and NOT reload the repair function--just let it time-out and go to the HD, I get a successful WIN 7 running. Fully functional with no seen problems. (If I take the disk out and reboot, "Bootmgr missing".) If I create a restore point, and try to reboot without the recovery disk..."Bootmgr missing". I start all over and use advance system tools, restore and the restore point is missing.

I hope someone out there can solve this thing because WIN10 is still a month away.
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Sounds like your BIOS boot order is wrong.


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You may be right. Here is a snapshot of Disk Management tool. It looks like it would load in the proper sequence, but I really don't know. Disk Mang.JPG