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hi im new here, and well very confused lol, I just bought a laptop of someone and i turned it on and suprise it says bootmgr missing:rage:,.

So i did my homework and found out i needed a vista recoverycd, which of course i dont have, so i downloaded it from the nerosmart website as a torrent burned it to a cd, and now i ask

WHAT NOW!?:ldown:

lol, do i just pop it in the laptop hoping it will promt a new screen rather than the bootmgrmissing screen? do i press f10 into the crazy stetup screen? i am very overwhelmed (and a tad pissed) about all this.

sorry if i sound extremly dumb i know my way around computers but not as well as i thought

HELP !:x
Hi Trish, welcome to NST.
Make sure that CD will boot before HDD in your BIOS (or use boot from CD option if your PC has it).
Boot the recovery disk, "hit any key" when prompted, select "repair my computer" at the bottom left, then "repair startup" from the next screen.
Do this as many times as needed (probably 2 or 3) until Vista has finally fixed all aspects of the boot (It's very stupid and only manages to do one thing per pass)
You can look in the wiki to find what it should all look like.