Boots back to boot manager.

I installed EasyBCD on a clients hard drive for 7 + XP.
They installed their drive and when they select their OS it launches straight back to the boot manager.
Cannot get the drive booted. It had no problems booting on my computer.

Reset the boot order in the CMOS on theirs so that is ok.
It seems to have retained some settings from my computer as it identifies the same drive letters for XP as were on mine. C: drive for 7 should be the same.

Any ideas please let me know.
You need to change the drive letters for XP on their systems. If it remembers your system that isnt going to help them on their system.
Seems I will need to boot into an operating system to change the drive letters.
Any suggestions on how to get into the OS to reset EasyBCD and/or the drive letters.
When I installed EasyBCD on their drive I saw nothing on the site stating that EasyBCD would not port to another computer. Now my client is locked out as much as when they had the corrupted boot sector.


Client is sending the drive back next day air.
Will uninstall EasyBCD and next day air it back to them.
Can find nowhere on the web site or help menu saying it can't be ported between computers.
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EasyBCD cant be ported for a simple reason. No 2 computers use the same exact partition setup, same exact drive letters, same exact drive ID's and much more. Each system has to be setup specifically on its own. It is not stated cause this is something that should be known.

No 2 systems in the world are the same. Even with using the same exact hardware they still are not the same.
The BCD doesn't use partition letters. It uses UIDs which describe the unique signature of the drive being referenced and the partition position on that drive.
This makes the BCD difficult to read, and the MS command line utility BCDedit very user-unfriendly.
EasyBCD translates those UIDs into the familiar disk letters as seen by the system it's running on for your convenience and ease of understanding.
Windows disk letters are virtual labels not physical. They are not actually written on the disk like the volume label, they're just registry entries.
If you run EasyBCD on different systems, looking at the same BCD, it will appear to be different, purely because all apps on the systems will see the disk letter maps differently between those systems.
Whatever disk letters you see in Explorer, you'll see in EasyBCD.
EasyBCD is completely portable between systems. The BCD is not.
EasyBCD is an app for configuring the boot manager, not the boot manager itself.
Anyhow will have the drive back Wednesday and should boot on my system.
Will uninstall easyBCD and get it back to booting as a C: drive. Then set up the dual boot again on their system. Hoping it works. Don't want to have reformat the drive again. Especially with all their data and the 40 some programs I reinstalled on it.

Will know next time I set up two systems on a drive not to configure dual boot until it is in it's home computer.

If anyone thinks of a way to do it without it being shipped back please let me know before 8am US Eastern time tomorrow (Tuesday 19 Oct)

Appreciate everyone's help.
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