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Is there a reason why bootsect.exe in Easybcd 2.0 bin folder is still version 6000?

Would version 7600 replace the need for mbrfix.exe?
Its still beta and as a result isn't included yet. The "/nt60" switch should still install the proper boot code since Vista/W7's bootloader are nearly the same thing.
It'll be upgraded in due time.

No components are swapped out or upgraded until they've been fully tested (and retro-tested for Windows Vista support).
Thanks for the responses. I have replaced the original bootsec.exe with 7600 version in the bin folder. If anything untoward happens - will post back.
Vista boots up fine with the bootsector written by 7600 bootsect.exe, and behaves exactly as it does with the 6000 bootsector code.

The only way I can see any difference is with a Hex Editor :

Using 6000 version:



Using 7600 version:


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The latter portion is the binary code used to locate BOOTMGR on the disk.
The hex viewer won't show you anything useful - the code in the MBR is written in ASM, and a disassembler would show the differences.

Does bootsect from 7 run from within Vista? To the best of my knowledge, it should.
Yes, 7 bootsect.exe runs from within Vista.

The very useful bcdboot.exe also works perfectly from within Vista.

I had it in Vista system 32 for a while and ran it from there.

Then put a copy of bcdboot.exe in Easybcd bin folder and it runs from there using cmd prompt/Power Console.
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Hi Mahmoud,

Great job on build 65. Many thanks.

Glad to see 7 bootsect in there and taking over writing mbr.

Build 65 shows the detailed view for me without any problem. Build 64 kinda froze there - blank window.

As soon as I installed 65 - it worked perfectly. Could this be the one? Let's hope so - you have put so much work into it.

I haven't been around the past couple of days - my little tutorial has caused quite a stir and kept me busy - over 100,000 views already:

Make bootable iso from student d/l - Windows 7 Forums

Thanks again
Wow, nice work! (Y)

There are still a couple more issues I need to work out and features to add for EasyBCD 2.0 unfortunately, so you won't come across "the build" just yet :smile:

Number 1 priority now is to fix the OS X support for once and for all.