Bottable USB worked then i got this


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I have downloaded the program, transfered the image to make a USB drive. Changed all the info as suggest in the BIOs etc.

Restarted the comp and the USB started to work. After the computer showed a heap of writing and was working it stopped and this came up and the computer has not changed..

Any assistance please

Regards MAtthew



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That sounds very similar to my recent experience on my non-bootable Windows 10 laptop - the flash drive definitely booted and ran the first menu then lots of Ubuntu commands then it fell over without reaching the second graphical men. I tested the flash drive on another laptop to prove that was okay and it successfully reached the menu on that. Tech support couldn't help so after a frustrating two weeks I ended up getting a refund last night....
Thanks paulW, I will have a test of the bootable USB on another laptop and hopefully will see if i am having the same issue and get a refund as well. Cheers