Broken Links


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I wanted to view the screenshots gallery but this link appears to be broken.
Also the copyright notice says 2009.

Yeah, there's some outdated info. Same goes for the donation widget. Working on EasyBCD and school takes a lot of time for CG. I don't think he can fix the widget cause I've already sent him a PM on it (maybe he just hasn't had time to look through his inbox). Thanks for your concerns though. I'm sure everything well be updated when theres time for it.
Hi Guys,

Justin, I didn't know that I didn't reply to your PM! The date on the widget has been fixed.
I'll fix the footer here to say 2010 as soon as I can.

The image gallery is down. It was slow and bloated (used Gallery2) and caused the entire server to bog down. I wrote a replacement from scratch and imported the images over on my local machine, but am having issues deploying it on the server. I will attend to that as soon as possible.

I'm currently tied up with a huge software release at work (we're working on an awesome and free backup solution for Windows - like Time Machine for OS X but better! I'll post a link as soon as we have a beta out :smile:) so I've been pulling double-shifts. Working on a complete redesign of EasyBCD (Justin, I need to send you a link!!!!!), a new program for Windows, and a new program for OS X.

So pardon the delays :smile:
And I stand corrected, the widget has been fixed :smile:
Yes, just send me the link and I'll be more than happy to help if I can.
The gallery is back, in a super-limited capacity.

It'll take me a while to get it spiffy and clean once more.