BSOD after install of alcohol 120%


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So i have been without windows most of the day :frowning:

running off of a ubuntu 7.10 dvd, im able to use the computer.

So i installed alcohol 120% this morning, and then i received a bsod during installation. and bsod after every boot up/log on.

i have looked online, to see that this is not a one time problem, many people have had it, and i have read that i should go into safe mode, and uninstall. however logging on a safe mode user bsod's right away.

also i have read that i could use system restore to return to a earlier time to remove the issue. i have tried to log in and run system restore, however i only have a limited amount of time before the system bsod's again. and i dont have memory enough (only a gig on vista) to run all the start up's and system restore at the same time. by the time i get the window open from the control panel for system restore, i get bsod'ed. :frowning:

i have tried deleting the alcohol 120% files from within linux after force mounting the ntfs drive. which hasnt helped any.

I do not have a system resrore disk for vista. (is there a way i could download an image burn it, and use that one to access my restore points? )

i know i havent been online in a while. school and work have kept me busy.

I also know that one of the bigger issues is the sptd.sys file.

Also after windows has started, the machine automatically tries to install a driver, for plug and play bios extension. this is the trigger im thinking is causing the bsod's. is there a way to stop that driver finder thing from running on start up? is there a way to stop all start programs when you log on?
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Hey terry!

yeah thanks ^_^

i have been talking to my friend online and he pointed me to the thread, with your answer.

and dang, i remember when this was released lol

thanks again, im at 18% of the download now, ill check in once i have tried the disk.

Again thanks ^_^
heh, glad to hear you got it working, Donald :grinning:

Keep that CD on-hand, you never know when it'll come in handy :smile:
What did i miss? Why am i being thanked? I have done nothing....

Are you talking about the 32 Bit Recovery CD? Yeah i did that for Guru. It was no biggie. I had made it with the Beta of Vista SP1 when they still had it. Glad i did now. It has severed a great purpose for everyone. :smile:

If that be the case. Your welcome. It was my pleasure to help people out.