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Hello. This is my first time posting to this forum; and I must warn you, I really am not good at this tech stuff.

I have a Windows Vista Basic Edition that came with my Toshiba Satellite when I bought it; therefore, I have no installation disk.
At the boot, I keep getting this message.

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The initial session process or system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0xc0000001 0x0010041c).
The system has been shut down.

I tried to load it in safe mode (all of them), and everything else on the menu, but no use.

Is there any way I can recover my files?

Please help? Thanks.

Emailing would be helpful:

- Ticcy

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Most of these kinds of errors are related to Driver issues. Check your manufacturer's website for the make and model of your PC and update.


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Or boot from a Vista disc (This site offers a vista recovery disc that simply repairs exisiting Windows installations) if any updates that recently occurred caused the problem. A system restore point might be the easiest way to fix it.


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Thanks... gotta really start keeping a file for all of these links....

Maybe i'll go browser plugin looking for something where I can assign output to a macro.