Bug in EasyBCD with Same Drive Sizes?


Discovered that easybcd didnt like primary partitions of the same size on same number in partition table so if on hard drive 1 the 2nd partition is 10760 megs and on hard drive 2 the second partition is the 10760 megs I had index errors until i resized the partition. The beta wrote the wrong boot path i also had the same ext2 formats
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Hiya rbell, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Can you go to EasyBCD, Useful Utilities, Power Console.

Type in "bootgrabber.exe /list"

Because I don't check for unique partition size anywhere... :S
I can access everything fine and once i resized my partitions the problem went away i didnt know if this was easybcd or my computer so just on the safe side i thought id post. Anyway thanks for the great software, best at doing what it does. Vista Boot Pro is nowhere near as good.
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Thanks for reporting back. I'd appreciate if at any time in the future you re-encounter this issue you would help us pin it down.

could it have been that easybcd was getting confused over linux being on 0,0,2 and 0,1,2 on my scsi and if both partition were the same size and format maybe either the partition table was having issues with that or easybcd couldnt resolve the different hard drive paths Thats the only answer that comes to mind, if you have a scsi computer lying around you might give it a try to see if it happens to you
ahhh... I never had a chance to test EasyBCD against SCSI devices and that most likely has something to do with it.