[Bug] No text visible on buttons during EasyBCD install

I have Vista Ultimate 64 EN; just installed SP1; want to install EasyBCD, but during install procedure, the text in the buttons is blue/invisible (same color as back ground); so cannot see what choices to make during installation.


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Hi benkhof, welcome to the boards,
I've never seen your problem, do you have a custom desktop theme that's clashing ?
If so you could temporarily revert to windows standard till EasyBCD is installed, or perhaps try selecting the whole window to see if the text becomes visible when selected.


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I'm experiencing the same behavior myself actually since upgrading to SP1.

I did check wall paper; negative
I used both Classic Windows view as new view; all negative
I did run installation as adminstrator; negative
Did check "Turn Windows feature on or off"" Microsoft .Net framework 3.0; all options on
Cannot install Net Framework 2.0+, as 3.0 is part of base Vista.

Did not check what changed with upgrade to SP1, but expect error here.
Same error when using e.g. EasyBCD 1.7

Background: did not use EasyBCD before; used GRUB before; but patch KB935509, prereq for Vista Ultimate SP1, does not like GRUB.


Knows where his towel is.
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Sorry Guru, looks like SP1 is really screwing with you. Did you upset someone at MS ?