BUG: ToolTipFixer v2.0.0.28 - Windows XP-SP3 - Chrome Browser Save Dialog disappears

Hi all

With the above version of ToolTipFixer installed, the latest and previous versions of Chrome loses the ability to show its SaveAs dialog 'on top'. The dialog remains hidden behind the browser and can only be seen by clicking the browser's taskbar button to de-focus it. Then clicking Chrome's tabbar button brings the dialog to the front.

I was lucky enough to find a suggested solution here, in the last comment on that thread. Uninstalling ToolTipFixer fixed the problem.

ToolTipFixer is very useful - I'm sorry to lose it!


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Interesting. Remember, you can keep ToolTipFixer installed but prevent it from working automatically, and only trigger it when you have the problem.