buggy Gateway Comp


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Hello All,
I purchased this comp at christmas, have already formatted 5 times, trying to avoid number six.
Gateway (acer crap) quad, nvidea card, 3 gig memory, Vista.
Everything was going along ok since last format and but now will no longer boot. It would get just past the flashing vista green windows bar and stop. Safe mode does not help.
I ran level 2 and level 4 Spin Rite and that did not help.
I downloaded the Vista Repair tool from this site and have hit a snag.
I get the page when first starting up that asks me to pick my operating system and there is no operating system listed. I clicked " load drivers" and it asks for the media for the device. Is it looking for hard drive drivers? The only disk I have is a crappy restore disk and really dont know where to look on there. I suppose I could try to figure out what the dvd drive is and download drivers to a stick or something if needed.
Any advice is appreciated...thanks....gary
Gary, welcome to NST

Please try the manual recovery steps here, followed by startup repair a few times if its still not working.
If you can't see a Vista to repair, try disconnecting other HDDs temporarily before the repair.
If you don't have other HDDs, try "next" without selecting an OS. Sometimes that will get you through the 1st stage repair and the system will reappear for the 2nd and 3rd repairs (you might need several to fix everything)