Build 76 - Downloader not working.


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ireboot doesn't d/l properly from Useful utilities.

It appears to . But there's no sign of it afterwards.
Look in the EasyBCD/bin directory in the Program Files, and you should see the downloaded installer (maybe called something like TweakVI_setup.exe or something).
I see TweakVI - but I selected ireboot.

Looks like the menu is messed up - appears to have d/l ed the wrong app. , in fact it just has the wrong name.?

It should look like this:

Instead of:
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Yes, apparently this "bug" was reintroduced by the latest build of EasyBCD.
Honestly, I didn't know it was fixed the first time (must have happened during the long time I was away from the forums, and several new builds of EasyBCD came out).

Several months ago, there was that problem with a much earlier build, and CG said he would have to change that. You'll need his input on the matter.

As I understand it, the NST Downloader is supposed to start the installer automatically.
It was never fixed. It's one of the few small things I need to do, I've been putting it off because it's mostly "donkey work" :smile: