Build 86 backup bootloader error


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When backing up to any location with the "save as" menu, BCDEdit returns a "file not found" (keep in mind you are creating this file in this process).
You can select any location if you just type it into the file location text box.

p.s. Love the new look!
I don't seem to be having this problem on my end. Do you got the latest build? At this time that would be build 86 which you can get here. You might have got that error if the dialog opened to a folder that doesn't exist on your computer anymore, but you should still be able to browse and select a place/filename for the backup. Whats the default path/file there where you can type it in manually?
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Hi imthewill, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies and thanks for your feedback.

Glad you like the new look!

Are you entering a path to a folder that doesn't exist, perhaps?
Yes, this was a bug, but it's been fixed in 87.

The default path had a '/' in there for the date separator, which is not valid in a filename.
Hi again, I think backup feature has a couple of bugs in latests builds:

* The one explained in the first post is still available (can't create a new backup with Save as dialog)
* Trying to backup other BCD than the boot one throws an Exception, and says that there's a syntax error in the store export command.