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BURG : https://code.google.com/p/burg/ (Brand new Universal loadeR from GRUB)GRUB2Win : Grub2Win | SourceForge.net (GRUB2 for Win)

Are you folks aware of those projects? Are there any plans to integrate them into EasyBCD like GRUB4Dos and PLoP?I'm asking because GRUB4DOS likes to dump me to the grub> prompt when trying to boot any sort of file image (even though the grub> prompt can ls the partitions that I'm trying to boot the image from).So, I'm going to see if I can cob something together. Thought I'd drop those links by you and see if you could use them.Thanks!


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There was some discussion about including Grub2Win, however the ability to chainload grub2 quite neatly really made it a moot point.

That said, I'm also somewhat leery of including forks of main projects. Grub4Dos gave me not inconsiderable grief when it came to finding the root cause of problems that affected a subset of our users. I'd be more willing to explore GRUB2 (mainline) and see if I can replace grub4dos entirely in terms of EasyBCD's dependencies (grub4dos would likely remain an accessible option for users to deploy on their own, alongside grub2).

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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From what I've read, it appears GRUB2Win is based straight from GRUB2, just ported to Windows? Let me ask the GRUB2Win guy(s).


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I've been using grub2 on Windows by compiling it on Linux with whatever options compiled in that I need, then using EasyBCD to chainload. If I were to automate in a future EasyBCD release, I'd probably do the same.


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I asked in this thread:


Will edit post with response when I get one.
Apparently editing is not allowed after a certain amount of time. Response below:

Hi Josh,

You are correct. This is native GNU Grub version 2.02 code ported intact
to your windows C: drive, a single directory about 10 MB in size.

You are given a choice at Windows boot time to run either Windows or
Grub. If you choose Grub, the Windows BCD branches to a small module
that loads the native GNU code from the C: drive. You then have access
to all the commands and facilities of native GNU Grub.

The configuration file, grub.cfg, also lives on the C: drive and is
customized under Windows by the Grub2Win GUI. This allows you to easily
set up boot time menu selections for different flavors of Linux. The GUI
also lets you set the Linux partition addresses and boot parameters for
each menu item.

I have five different Linux systems as well as Windows on my PC and
choose which to boot using Grub2Win.

Hope this answers your question,

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On 2/19/2015 9:40 AM, Josh wrote:


Am I correct in understanding that Grub2Win is basically a straight port
of GRUB2? Basically, the featureset and reliability of GRUB2, ported to
the Windows platform?


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Thanks for looking into that. I'll add "NeoGrub 2" to the features bucket list.