Burning disk on apple


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I hope that there are some Mac experts here.
I was wondering if it's possible to create the Vista recovery disk on Mac OSX 10.4?
I tried burning using the Disk Utility in Apple, but when trying to boot from that disk, my HP laptop only progresses as far as the word "Microsoft" with progress bars under it and then the black screen with the white mouse
arrow(pointer?). The pointer is operational but that's it.
What am I doing wrong?
My Vista version is 32-bit and the Disk image was downloaded from Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download The NeoSmart Files

Thank you
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Sounds like the download is bad or the program you're using isn't capable of burning it properly. There should be other alternitives out there for doing it in OS X, so I would try another program or redownload the file and try again.
The program you want is "Burn". Great freeware for Mac :smile:

However, it looks to me like your ISO was burned correctly seeing as you get it to boot....

Try again, this time with "Burn" and see what happens.