Burning Vista Recovery Disc ISO file onto CD/DVD.


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Okay, so I've downloaded the Windows Vista Recovery Disc 32-Bit (x86) Torrent from this website: Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc The NeoSmart Files using uTorrent.

Now that it's all downloaded, I now have a WinRAR file. I've extracted it to Vista_Recovery_Disc. The folder contains two file folders - "boot" and "sources" - and one file named "bootmgr".

I know that I have to burn something onto a CD/DVD, but what exactly?


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It is not a .rar file.
It's an .ISO
Your system is probably set to "suppress known file types" in folder options, and you've allowed WinRAR to grab the ISO file association and misrepresent it.
Go back to the downloaded file.
Don't process it in any way.
Burn it to a CD with an ISO-burner, like Imgburn, which is free, and works. (Vista won't burn ISOs)