C:drive free space gone


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I purchased a Gateway (Acer) model NV54 about a year ago and it came with Vista installed and the promise of a free upgrade to windows 7 later.
That happened and all was well until I used a free wiping program (BC Wipe) to wipe the free space on the hard drive. The wiping was going well until it reported an error and stopped. I rebooted and saw that the majority of my free space was now shown in the used space!
I now have about 25 gb of free where I had over a hundred before.

I would like to reformat the drive but the only discs I have are the Gateway Upgrade DVD and the Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Media 64 bit disc.

Is there a way I can do this without having to buy windows 7 complete and pay big $ ?

Some upgrade discs well allow you to do a clean install provided you also supply the key for the previous version of Windows (if it doesn't detect it on your drive) with an option to reformat the drive.
Hi albert,

I'd poke around the drive with a free tool like TreeSize and see if I can't find out where that free space went.