C:\ [Vista Clean] and D:\ [XP Acronis Image]


I have the following configuration:
1 Hard Drive
3 Partitions:
1. hidden recovery partition
2. Vista 32-bit clean installation [C:\]
3. XP Pro 32-bit restored from Acronis image [D:]

I have installed Vista from a clean install, and restored an image of XP from an external hard drive.

Once I restored the image of XP, I had to make Vista the active partition again using DISKPART in order to be able to boot into Vista again.

I was able to get the bootloader menu to show both Vista and XP. I can boot into Vista, but XP continually reboots and doesn't allow me to boot into it.

Any advice on how to get into XP would be greatly appreciated.
Hi cbrf4,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.
You need to
1) copy ntldr and boot.ini from the XP partition to the Vista partition
2) modify boot.ini to point to the right drives if you changed the order

that should work.

Please refer to the Windows XP section of our EBCD documentation: http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Windows+XP
Yeah, that's the reason why it's not working now. But the steps in the Wiki account for that - just follow them and they'll work.. :smile: