Can boot Vista,XP,Linux Mint-cannot find Ubuntu.


I would appreciate a step by step guide-I have just downloaded Ubuntu and was able to access it via Grub,although it was at the top of the list.I was able to access the other three OS shown above.
I reinstalled MBR in Vista with BCD and I am only able to install one version of Linux via Neogrub in BCD- this is Mint.(BCD asked me to remove Neogrub and reinstall-which I did).
How do I boot into Ubuntu from a list created in BCD? It is now missing.My hard drive settings are as follows:
DISK 2:NEW VOL.F 93 GB. THEN THE LINUX PARTITIONS:44 GB.41GB.1.83GB.3.80GB-I do not know which ones belong to Mint or to Ubuntu.
Many thanks,John
Within EasyBCD you will have to configure the NeoGRUB. By click on that option in the add/remove settings. From there you will have to point it toward your Linux Mint install.

NeoGrub - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

There is all the documentation on NeoGRUB and how to configure it.
Have lost Ubuntu-----

Many thanks for your prompt reply-I uninstalled Neogrub earlier-will I still be able to boot ubuntu?
I have never used the directions shown from your link but will give it a go-is there anything else to beware of?


I have opened notepad etc-but have no idea what to do next the wiki instructions are too brief for a novice-any chance of a step by step guide please.Would it be better to uninstall both Ubuntu and Mint and start all over again?
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NeoGrub Linux - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

There is how to add a entry. As for you Ubuntu question...did you get rid of Grub? If so i dont think you will be able to boot to it any more. Not without some kind of boot loader getting the kernel to start.

What else is there to be aware of? Not sure. I am not the expert on this. Computer Guru is. I am still a novice but i am learning as much as i can as fast as i can. :wink:

A step by step guide is tough really. Other than what i posted above it would be to tough for a step by step cause each system is set up so differently that trying to do a guide on each possible scenario would be close to possible. We just try our best to help out each case as we get it. :wink:
Thank you -I live and learn! I have removed both the Linux OS from the hard drive and will re-install Mint and Ubuntu again.This time I will only use the Grub system- it works and now I remain unsure about BCD.Regards,John
Well EasyBCD does what it is supposed to. It is the Vista bootloader that doesnt. The Vista bootloader isnt made to boot Linux. It is made to boot Vista. CG has done a great job basically hacking it and allowing the BCD (Vista bootloader) to boot other OS's. Never before have you been able to boot OS X and Windows on a PC before it. :wink:

If you want to blame something. Blame M$ for their junk Bootloaders. :tongueout:
If you installed Ubuntu's bootloader to Ubuntu's partition's bootsector and Mint's bootloader to Mint's partition's bootsector you should be able to create a normal (non "GRUB isn't installed") entry for each by pointing EasyBCD to their respective partitions.

You can choose where GRUB installed either during Setup or by reinstalling GRUB.
Instructions on both can be found at

It is preferable to try these instructions first before using NeoGRUB, which is a bit more complicated to use, even if more powerful.