Can EasyBCD boot XP, Ubuntu and Win7 RC1


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I am using XP as main o/s. Have an aditional hard drive for data. Also have installed Win7 RC on its own separate HD. The same for Ubuntu, it is on its own hard drive. Currently using the computers Boot Selection option at POST to select whch os to boot.

After having a frustrating day with a commerical product which is an O/S selector but only managed to render my XP unbootable, I wanted to determine whether EasyBCD will allow me to boot between these 3 o/s?
Put W7 first in the BIOS boot sequence.
Install EasyBCD 2.0 latest build on W7
Add an entry for XP letting Easy auto-configure for you
Add an Ubuntu entry, selecting your Linux boot partition from the dropdown list, and ticking the "grub is not...." box.