Can EasyBCD handle GRUB2?

After reading so many forums and ideas, I am back at square 1. I cannot read the boatloader menu from Fedora 16. It's just a messy blur of green. Sometimes it goes straight into Fedora, sometimes into Windows. So I'd like to have EasyBCD to allow me to make the choice. However, all EasyBCD works with is the \NST and menu.lst. Fedora 16 GRUB2 does not work with menu.lst. It works with a folder called grub2.cfg. So can I achieve booting into Fedora with EasyBCD? Thanks in advance for your help.
Thank you both for your answer. I'll try that.


Did it. Works like a charm. My GRUB2 under Fedora was not visible because of a graphics setting I couldn't fix. So I didn't know what I was booting into, Fedora or Windows 7. With EasyBCD, I get a text bootmenu and it launches either OS without a hitch. My only concern is: I haven't done the 'write MBR'. Do I understand correctly that from then on, there wouldn't be the original grub2 menu from Fedora (which I cannot see), and only the menu that EasyBCD has created? Thanks for letting me know.
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