Can EasyBCD move a boot partition?


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I have a (sorta-kinda) dual boot setup between XP Pro and 7 Pro 64 (kinda-sorta because since XP does not work at all anymore since I upgraded all the hardware without telling it) with a 160GB PATA and a 320GB SATA drive. XP is installed on the 160GB drive and 7 is installed on the 320GB drive, but the boot loader is installed on the XP drive. The problem is that the 160GB drive makes a horrible, rising and falling noise that vibrates throughout the whole desk, and I want to be able to boot 7 without it (right now, without the XP drive it just SYSTEM BOOT ERRORs after POST). I know that VIstaBootPro can do it, but can EasyBCD do it as well?


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EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (new build added last night) / Diagnostics / Change boot drive.

(and remember to change the BIOS to boot from the new disk instead of the old one)


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Hi, new here, how do I get this beta? I been lurking the forum without finding any link. Many thanks in advance.


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From here:


You must have tried to load that page when there were DB problems. It *should* be OK now :S
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