Can EasyBCD1.52 support 64bit vista?


Hello,everyone.I have installed 32bit vista on my computer.And recently i got 64bit vista and 64bit ubuntu linux.I don't know how can install them on my computer with existing 32bit vista.
EasyBCD can do it? How do it? please instruct,thanks a lot.
Yeah, EasyBCD is *fully* x64 compliant, with even some special x64-only options too!!

first, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies :grinning:

1) You can't upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit - you need to format x86 and install Vista x64 afterwards, or just stick to x86 or just install x64 to another partition alongside 32 bit.

2) Once you're ready to install Ubuntu, follow these steps:

Good luck, and holler if you need anything :smile:
First,thanks computer guru answer to my post.And i have another question because i don't have DVD-ROM.So i decide to install 64bit vista from harddisk.What and How do i have to do?----I HOLLER! Thanks.
Well, in your case you'll have to create a new partition, mount the image from vista 32-bit, install it as a clean install to the new partition, boot into the new x64 vista, format the old partition, then re-partition again to re-claim lost space.