can i boot into a vhd??


i heard it is possible to boot to a vhd file.i am currently using xp and am not allowed to change or install another os without permission from pc manufacturer.i was thinking if i could boot into a win7 vhd and dual boot both my org. xp and a vhd of win7??
will i be able to edit the boot manager with easybcd ??
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This feature is new to Windows 7. EasyBCD 2.0 will have support for adding such an entry, but at the moment it is still under development in beta. Stick around and you should see a build in the near future with .vhd entry support.
sorry but how long do i have to wait exactly?? will it be out next month?? i tried the beta builds but vhd not supported yet...
is there any other way then easybcd to do this???
With bcdedit probably if you want to type out a few dozen commands...

The developer is working very hard. Unfortunately things get hetic and though changes are being added daily we don't always get an updated build. EasyBCD will in the future make this a really simple proccess.

EasyBCD 2.0 will be awesome, but as all things that are good it must first undergo careful development and testing to ensure a quality product, so it is important to be patient.
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I can hardly wait for VHD Support with Windows 7.

Might anyone be able to tell us if there will be support with command line interface for us scripting geeks? :grinning:

That is unknown at this time. Since Windows 7 is still in Beta there is no way we can confirm or deny if a feature will be present at time of release at this point.
If bcdedit supports it in Windows 7 you should be able to put a batch file together to meet your needs if thats what you need to do.