Can I use EasyBCD to change my "system" drive


I have used easyBCD to help me dual boot my machine (xp and Vista (vista soon to be replaced with 7). However I have a third hard drive in my machine as a storage drive, and somewhere along the way it became the system drive where the computer boots from. Can I use easyBCD to change that? If not can I change it using a different method or program?
Hi Yoshiro, welcome to NST.
Make sure Vista is set "active" on its HDD.
Set the Vista HDD to be 1st in the BIOS boot sequence
optionally - temporarily disconnect the current "system" to make absolutely sure that it can't be used.
Boot your Vista DVD (or our recovery CD if you don't have one)
Select "repair your computer" "startup repair"
Do the above 2 lines, 3 times in all.

This will recreate the Vista boot files in the Vista partition.

Make sure the Vista HDD is always 1st in the BIOS.

Install EasyBCD 2.0 on Vista
Add an entry for XP, let Easy2 auto-configure the XP boot for you.