Can I use EasyBCD to make another disk bootable under Windows 2008


I am using an Amazon EC2 instance. I mounted a volume that was already bootable on another instance. When I set the volume back to the original instance
the System, Boot, Page File, and Crash Dump flags) were cleared. Can I use EasyBCD to set those flags back while mounted as the D drive?

Can you please explain how (if possible)?

Thank you!

Need help fixing Windows 2008 volume so it will boot.. tried EasyBCD to no avail :frowning:

I have a question about EasyBCD. I have a Windows 2008 system in the Amazon cloud. It's not booting because the boot flags were munged. I can mount the system disk on another windows instance and access it. I have complete write access to the volume since it's not booted, but mounted.

How can I access the BCD on the D: drive so I can fix it so it will boot? I tried using EasyBCD file open on the BCD store on the D drive. EasyBCD says it's empty. I don't see any options to add Windows 2008 boot flags. On the drive the won't boot the flags in disk management are active and primary partition. The system boot flags don't appear. Is there a way to just reinitialize the BCD database so it will boot that disk using EasyBCD? If so, how? :smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Please don't start multiple threads for the same problem.
The only flag you can set is "active", with Disk Management.
That tells the MBR IPL which partition to search for the controlling boot files.
The other flags are not set by the user, they're status indicators set by windows when it boots.
"system" tells you "this is where the boot files which were used to start this OS reside"
"boot" tells you "this is the where the running OS resides"

The link CG gave you will copy the boot files from one partition to another.
If you use EasyBCD to locate the empty BCD, you can generate an entry in it with "add new..."