Can I use EasyBCD with Windows XP?


Hello specialists, after removing succesfully Mint 11 from my laptop (see recent thread) I wanted to help a friend removing Ubuntu 9.04 from an old dekstop with Windows WP in dual boot. Installing EasyBCD is no problem but when I started the programme I received the warning that EasyBCD does not run in a Windows XP only environment. Can this be true?? Maybe there is a work around for this problem but I have not found it yet. Can someone give me an indication on how to tackle this job and still use EasyBCD?

Thx for a possible answer

Yes this is completely true. EasyBCD is for Vista, Win7 and Server 2008 ONLY. Windows XP does NOT use the BCD to boot. It uses the boot.ini file. BCD was not created until the conception of Windows Vista, 8 years after XP was released.

There is no way to fix the setup of an XP only machine using EasyBCD. It says right in the description of the product:

EasyBCD extends and revamps the Windows Vista/Windows 7 BCD bootloader

You will need to use an XP CD to restore the boot loader for your friend.