Can I use EBCD to do Frugal boot of two Ubuntu?


Hi, thanks for a very good program. I will dl 2.0 later. I use 1.7.2 now.

I have Vista and only one partition.
So I used Ubuntu wubi to get a menu.lst to make change in and then Neogrub to add a triple boot with 5 Puppy Linux in frugal install.

But I also wanted to test Linux Mint and SuperOS and KDE and X versions of Ubuntu and other such derivatives .

Now that is way above my understanding and Ubuntu from 9.10 or maybe earlier have started with Grub2 so that makes it even more involved knowing how to use such.

But more by accident I did happen to hit the right button on NeoGrub. Thanks indeed for an intuitive program.

Everybody told me to use Grub4Dos but I have no idea how to use that one. Or maybe I failed to get the right one.


Do I really need the wubi to run Ubuntu in frugal install?

suppose I uninstall the wubi and start up the EBCD and Neogrub. Can I use that one to add a boot thing that will be a choice when the computer start?

And then I need to learn how to hide the different Ubuntu installations from each other without doing any partitioning.

Now I hide them by using a subdirectory and when I want to test the other I have to manually drag the current one into a new sub and unhide the one I want to use. Not practical.

So I hope EasyBCD with Neogrub can do a kind of Grub2 that keep the Ubuntus knowing wich casper folder then should use? Maybe like this?

Ubuntu 10.04 casper folder
Linux Mint 8.0 casper(2) folder
SuperOS 9.10 casper(3) folder

Can one do a kind of grub2 reference that Linux Mint look for casper but get redirected to casper(2) and in this way it get it right.

Most likely this is just my naive wild guess because I am a complete idiot on computers.

Does any of you get any clue on if EBCD and NeoGrub can do such commands that makes the different Ubuntus be able to discern which is their casper folder to be loaded from same partition.

In case any of you wonder what frugal install is? It is like a Live CD session in that the loader boot intrd and vmlinuz and start the program as of it was a Cd.

So it doesn't save anything unless you know how to using a casper-rw file which I still fail to do but the frugal install works very well for me now. I have used it some 10 times now for two days and it just works. And rather fast too. Much better than on CD and virtualbox.

One can save bookmarks in Firefox addon online and and save on the NTFS HDD by downloading what one can not save is language and keyboard settings and updates.

So it has many good sides and a few drawbacks. I can live with them. By using frugal I save my partition so I have the two years warranty.
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You sound like someone who wants to change out frequently for testing. I would recommend VMing distros to get started until you get comfortable and find the version you like the best.
I really want to be able to do this. Very handy when I explain to windows users who visit me the difference between different linuxes being able to start them up under similar conditions.

And I actually do like both Ubuntu and linux Mint so "how I sound like" should not be a serious thing for not telling me how it can be set up.

And this is just me. A guy in the Ubuntu forum wanted to learn how to do frugal installs too. And drG in wanted next version of ubuntu to have frugal install together with wubi as a choice so very likely others than me want to test if Linux Mint is as good as the supporters say.

I have virtual box but that is much slower and you don't reach the Vista HDD that way to listen to music and so on.

So if you know how to set it up please tell me.
Well the answer is yes and the newest build of EasyBCD should be able to make it work.


And you don't need multiple threads. We see everything.
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Thanks, and I apology if it looks like exact same thread. I did read through all my posts so far and thought I actually asked different questions. But I accept your take on it.

so now I know it can be done but I don't know how to.

Read the manual you would say but that is not something I have managed during all the years since I bought my first Z80 from Sinclair way back when the first affordable ones came out.

I guess my brains are not as bright as others are. But I do my best.

So first I will uninstall wubi with older Ubuntu and see if I lose connection to Neogrub triple boot.
Most likely it has to because the Neogrub hooked into the grub of Ubuntu and that one is either deleted or is emtyied? but then I have no clue on what to do to connect it again without destroying MBR or BCD or what ever.

I've just started to read here:

Multibooters, Vista Dual and Multibooting - A Guide to the Multiboot Process

Very different reading compared how it use to be so hopefully I learn enough from that text.

So now that I have read it I do understand it a bit better but not enough to know how to. What text do you have in mind when you say yes to that one can tell Ubuntu to read one special casper folder and not another at boot up. They have same name unless winVista rename one of them to casper(2)

I am reading here now and maybe that one can teach me.
How to dual-boot Vista with Linux (Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots

Have read that one too and it gave me more knowledge but not how to do frugal install of two ubuntus and to tell them to use different casper folders.

But that is a later thing. The fist thing I have to learn is how to do the fist connection after uninstalling wubi.

where can I read about such?
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