Can neither boot nor recover Vista

Can neither boot nor recover Vista

Acer Aspire M5700 desktop machine.

The OEM partitions of the HD in this machine :
Partition 0, the hidden partition containing eRecovery system.
Partition 1, the C drive where OS is installed.
Partition 2, the D drive for storage.

Partition changes:
(1). D drive was re-partitioned 3 years ago & an F drive was created & on which Win7 was installed.
EasyBCD was then applied and everything ran well.
(2). C drive was re-sized several months ago & a space of 50GB was squeezed out of the C drive. But this 50GB space could not be established as a partition because there had been 3 primary partitions on the HD already. So, the 50GB was returned back to D drive.

Trouble started:
The system became unstable, both Vista and Win7.

Three weeks ago, when Vista was copying a large folder(1.7GB) of photo frames to 6 UFD's, the PC shut down during the process of copying the 5th time & restarted by itself. And the copy/paste function was disabled after the restart.

The PC behaved peculiarly from that point on, such as shut down the monitor and/or optical drive not functioning....

eRecovery was run & it went on smoothly. But it quit right prior to installing the OS. It restarted the PC automatically and showed a message saying that WINDOWS COULD NOT BE INSTALLED DUE TO INCIDENTAL SHUT DOWN ....

The eRecovery DVD's were then run . They were created right after the purchase of the PC & used a few times. Everything went on smoothly just as it did by the recovery keys, but then, it quit again right before before installing the OS & restarted, & the same message popped up.

Right now, BIOS is working, eRecovery keys are working, optical drive is working. Safe Mode is dead because C drive is formatted by eRecovery.

The Win7 on drive F still works.

EasyBCD recognize both Vista & Win7. But Vista can not boot nor can it recover by not keys or DVD's.

I have eRecovery DVD's, 2 sets. A set of 3 disks which recovers the OS only. And a set of 6 disks which is of the entire PC of its factory default status.

What do I have to do to recovery the Vista OS ?

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If your factory restore disks don't work, your best option would be to borrow a Vista DVD and reinstall it from that (quoting your Vista serial key not the one on the DVD).
Personally, I wouldn't bother with Vista if I had a working version of W7.