can not boot into windows 7 now


Hello, I am new to this forum and a new user of easybcd. I need some serious help. I had a working install of windows 7 and a working install of mac os x ( hackintosh) both on sepearte drives. I used to be able to boot into both until I started playing around with easybcd on my windows drive. I think I accidently installed a bcd image or something onto the wrong partition and now i cant boot into windows 7. I can boot into mac os x just fine though.

I have tried plugging the drive into another computer via data transfer kit I have to edit/delete the bcd file and then just repair using windows repair. Well it wont let me delete it , it says i dont have permission.

when I do try to boot into windows its gives me a black screen with windows boot manger at the top. it says something along the lines of can not find bood image and for the file path it says /boot/BCD.

I have tried everything i can possible think of, even your instructions multiple times and i still can not get this issue resolved. I do have the screen with other boot options now, which i didnt have before, like safe boot and boot with command prompt and those type of things. Which is better than before. Everytime i restart hoping the changes will take effect, nothing happens, it just reboots and goes back to the same screen.

when i did have a working Windows 7 ill tell you what i did with easy bcd. I went to the bootloader setup, under create bootable external media, i think i chose the actual hard drive with everything on it, not the 100MB system reserve drive and hit install BCD. After i restarted is when i was no longer able to boot into windows 7.
You're the second person this week to use "create external media" (CD, flash-drive etc) on an internal HDD.
Check where the "active" flag is on your HDD.
That's the partition on which the MBR is trying to find the boot files. (and failing)
It might be just a case of setting it on the "reserved" partition again and rebooting.
If you want to move the boot from there to the W7 main partition use
"BCD Backup/repair"
"Change boot drive"
Yeah, that's the most likely explanation.
Get yourself a copy of the GParted boot cd, and use it to make the 100mb hidden partition "Active" as Terry suggests.
i tried using gparted. the flag was originally on the 100mb partition, i moved it to the other partition (the win7 one) and it had a black screen that said something about Boot/BCD, so i moved it back to the 100mb. Now when i boot i get the screen with safe mode, safe mode with networking, ...etc. I tried booting into every single one, and it looks like it starts to work, i get a starting windows with logo and everything, then when the login screen is suppose to pop up the screen goes black and computer restarts

its almost like its in a loop


do you think it matters that i have my MAC OSX drive unplugged? i just didnt want any thing screwing it up in this whole process of trying to get back windows 7
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In the extended boot menu, choose the "no automatic restart" option
That should stop on the error instead of just looping the boot, and you can see the error code and get an idea of what the real problem is.
this is gonna sound really stupid, but i dont think i have an option to get into the extended boot menu. i dont see anything anyway. also does it matter that in my bios the storage config is set to achi or whatever for the mac os and not IDE?
The screen with safe mode is the extended menu. (you might need to scroll past the bottom for "no auto...")
As Jus said, if it's not going there itself, use F8 to get there.
ok, so i figured out how to get to the extended boot menu, i chose to disable reboot, it says starting windows with logo and everything, then it goes to black screen like it wants to load the login screen then restarts anyways, have tried 3 times. Also tried the debugger mode, safe mode, normal mode. All of them do the same. I also did chance my bios from AHCI storage config to IDE, thinking that might help, it didnt. It doesn't give me any error messages just continues to reboot and go to the boot menu
CG isn't referring to "startup repair"
On the same page is the ability to access "system restore".
That will find the available checkpoints stored on the OS and enable you to select a point in time before all this happened.
CG isn't referring to "startup repair"
On the same page is the ability to access "system restore".
That will find the available checkpoints stored on the OS and enable you to select a point in time before all this happened.

i've tried that also, once, i will give it a try again, thanks for everyones help by the way!! im determined to get this fixed without having to re-install the os.