Can not boot to linux on an other disk


hi guys.
i have a working windows xp installation on my SATA disk, and a Linux (ArchLinux installed on an IDE disk. and Vista on another IDE disk.
these three systems works fine if i choose to boot from different disks in BIOS. after installed EasyBCD and setting up an XP boot entry, i can boot xp from Vista. But when i tried to boot to Linux, it just rebooted without any error message.

i've tried both "disk 1 partition 1" and "disk 2 partition 1" option in EasyBCD. neither of them works. the different was, the contents in /NST/nst_grub.mbr was not the same. when i choose "disk 1 partition 1", the file looks like empty(in fact, it is filled with "0" if check it in winhex). for "disk 2 partition 1", i can see some confused words and "NTLDR" or something like that, so i guess disk 2 should be the disk where XP installed. so disk 1 partition 1 should be the Linux one. but it doesn't work...

is that because my reiserfs file system or my grub version? can i use EasyBCD boot to Linux if /boot is on a reiserfs partition?

thanks a lot. and sorry for my dreadful English...hope you can understand what i expressed. i am tired to try to boot linux from vista, why not using linux's grub?

a simple chainloader thing handled all the windows' booting on my computer now.