can only boot into vista w/ install cd, otherwise XP

Mak 2.0

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Damn read it wrong yet again. Thought he was saying he would only boot into XP if the Vista DVD is in the drive. Not that he couldnt boot into Vista. Doh!


usb boot is a no go

Thanks for you advice about trying to use a usb hard drive to boot windows xp and / or windows vista.

With dixml I copied a windows xp install to p1 of my usb hard drive.

I tried to boot off this partition and could not xp to boot.
It of course tried, but gave big screen with like a 000007F error.

Then the next attempt went to the screen that asks if you want to boot to safe mode, etc. Ofcourse I still could not boot.

So if I want to test recoverability of my system I need a sata laptop drive that I can restore to as a usb drive then after a bcd fix of the GUID's (and who knows what else) on this drive, I could mount it internally and attempt to boot.

Right now I do have confidance that dixml could / would handle a restore to my existing internal laptop drive after I mounted it as a usb external on another computer and ran the restore there. I could then mount my original drive in my original computer and boot ok (probably). However who knows what microsoft would detect if anything changed hardware wise due to breakage. I know now a different physical internal drive would likely not boot due to microsoft's booting logic. Also I likely could not mount my exiting harddrive on someone else's laptop and do a boot.

I don't think they realize the mess they are getting into.

Thanks again